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Counter Standing Wraparound Sneeze Screen

Single piece angled sneeze screen for extra strength and quick installation

Our Counter Standing Wraparound Sneeze Guard is made from a single sheet of clear Perspex acrylic and features angled sides to better protect cashiers and customers when checking out. When installed at the checkout, this screen provides extra protection from germs and allows customers to make payments using the payment area at the bottom. Made from high-quality acrylic, this sneeze guard features rounded corners for extra safety.

This is our mid-sized sneeze screen and has a total size of around 820mm wide and 710mm high. The front panel is 500m wide and 710mm tall, while the angled sides are 200mm wide and lean back at 35 degrees to provide additional protection and more space for the cashier. The payment slot is 300mm wide and 150mm high, so it provides plenty of room for customers to pay by cash or using a chip and pin terminal.

Price - £159.75 + £10.50 delivery

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